Michael Caplan

Michael Caplan

Software Development Manager Who Codes

Wolfville, Nova Scotia, CA, B4P1T5
English, French




Mike has been active as a web application developer and designer since the late 90s, working in the non-profit, university, retail, agricultural, and health care industries. He was a founding partner of HarvestHand, a platform that services Community Shared Agriculture farms. Mike founded Refresh Annapolis Valley, a new media professional association.

Mike is the Software Development Manager for the Labnet Dental Lab Systems division of Henry Schein - a solutions company for health care professionals.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Software Development ManagerHenry Schein One

    Sep, 2006 - Present

    The Labnet Dental Lab Systems division of Henry Schein One offers the Dental Lab industry’s most comprehensive and powerful management systems; with solutions suited for labs of all sizes and budgets.

    • Hired as the founding Software Engineer for the product Digital Dental Exchange (DDX)

    • Architected and engineered the DDX platform, which acts as a key component in clinical workflows integrating a large ecosystem of technology partners

    • Scaled the DDX platform to service several geographic regions and a customer base over 100K

    • Defined a new class of SaaS Dental Lab Management Software - Labnext

    • Built a diverse engineering team and our SDLC

    • Engineering team reported the highest job satisfaction across all of Henry Schein One (2021)

  • Co-Founder & Software Developer, HarvestHand

    Dec, 2010 - Dec, 20199 years

    HarvestHand was an Internet platform for Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) businesses to communicate with and manage their community of members.

    • Technology founder

    • Primary software engineer

    • Scaled business and technology platform to service regional farms

    • Winner of the inaugural Agriculture Innovation Accelerator Award

  • Founder, Mom & Pop Media

    Dec, 2000 - Dec, 20077 years

    Working under the name Mom & Pop Media, I started my freelance web and print design and development consultancy upon return from my stay in South Africa in 2000.

    • Web and email hosting services

    • Web design and web-site maintenance

    • Custom web application development

    • Print design (newsletters, pamphlets, posters)

    • Server administration and maintenance

    • On call technical support

  • Software Development Manager, Apison Communications

    Apr, 2006 - Sep, 20065 months

    Apison Communications was a full-service design and development firm. Apison offered web-based content management solutions for business professionals, and the real estate industry. I was responsible for heading software development initiatives as well as filling the role of system administrator.

  • Senior ProgrammerHigh-Touch Communications

    Dec, 2005 - Dec, 20061 year

    High-Touch Communications is a leading North American branding + web firm, offering its pièce de résistance web platform called IgnitionWeb. I was hired by HTC the summer of 2005 as Senior Programmer, where I was responsible for heading programming and the programming team.

    • Overseeing the development and deployment of IgnitionWeb 3.4 – a major milestone release including WYSIWYG content editing, as well as significant code and SQL performance optimisations

    • Auditing Unisource.ca, a multi-million dollar B2B web site, for performance bottlenecks and implementing sweeping code and database performance optimisations

    • Integration of IgnitionWeb for several clients including Dynaflair Corporation, Trueline Valve Corporation, JC-TL, and JC Fábrica de Válvulas

    • Migration of CVS + Bugzilla source control management system to Subversion + Trac

    • IgnitionWeb 3.x and 4.x development roadmap

    • Development of Quality Assurance program

    • Payment gateway integration for Hourglass time tracking and project management software suite

  • Web Developer, Internet Merchandising Systems

    Jan, 2004 - Dec, 20041 year

    I acted as a primary developer of Internet Merchandising Systems' line of e-commerce products targeted at hotel, tour, rental, and retail sectors.

    • Worked on their core application called IMScart, a PHP & MySQL powered web application, which included several plugable modules for providing an array of possible product configurations

    • Developed a new business to business product called Hermes, an XML-RPC driven merchandising gateway connecting reseller storefronts with product suppliers. I developed the XML-RPC driven server from scratch with PHP and MySQL.

  • Web Developer, 1-800-Homeopathy

    Oct, 2003 - Apr, 20046 months

    I took over developing this homoeopathic e-commerce web-site back in the winter of 2003 for Profilium, a Montréal based company specialising in developing technology for the mobile market.

    • Developed a sophisticated discount manager for their pre-existing application

    • Reworked the application's architecture

    • Implemented a user system for maintaining order history

    • Implemented a "My 1-800" section for saving favourite products

  • Lead PHP DeveloperLe Château

    Jan, 2004 - Dec, 20052 years

    Le Château Inc. was a fashion company. I worked on developing a large scale corporate Intranet which integrated legacy systems and new web application solutions for over 300 users and 150 stores across Canada and the USA.

    • Complete Intranet code audit and redesign of the application architecture.

    • Implemented globalisation features to the company Intranet allowing applications to work in multiple languages

    • Trained developers in the application architecture

    • Introduced source control management

    • Implemented a coding standard to enhance our team based development environment

    • Researched Free and Open Source Software for the web environment, making recommendations on viable solutions to the various problems we need to solve

  • DirectorInstitute for Anarchist Studies

    Jan, 2003 - Dec, 20031 year

    Each year the IAS awards grants to authors promoting critical scholarship on social domination and the reconstructive vision of a free society. The IAS believes this theoretical work is of great importance to informing activist practises, just as practise informs theory. The IAS has funded over a hundred projects by authors from countries around the world, including Argentina, Canada, Chile, Ireland, Nigeria, Germany, South Africa, and the United States.

    • Fundraising

    • Book keeping

    • Board of Director coordination

    • Managing the grant program

    • Promotions

    • Newsletter produciton

  • System Administrator, Polar Plastic LTD

    Jun, 2003 - Dec, 20037 months

    Polar Plastic was a disposable plastic market leader servicing the Canadian food-service industry for many decades. I was hired mid 2003 to migrate an email and web server from a liquidated American division to an independent data centre. I then took on the task of administrating this server—running Cpanel on Red Hat Linux—as well as maintaining their web-site.

  • Software Developer, Project Mole

    Jan, 2001 - Dec, 20011 year

    Project Mole was both an on and off-line project that attempted to tap into an elite group of scenesters by having them do market research for corporations around the globe. In return Moles were given access to exclusive products and events. My role on this project was the development of a flexible web-based survey system that would allow both administrators to design custom surveys and Moles to upload there research findings.

  • Web Developer and Designer, Ontario Institute PMAC - Ottawa District

    Oct, 1999 - Feb, 20004 months

    Ontario Institute PMAC— Ottawa District is a national association of supply management professionals. This project included a complete re-conceptualisation of the information architecture and redesign of the District's original web site. Part of the project also included the development of a newsletter web application that facilitates the construction and distribution of rich text email newsletters. I built the newsletter application in PHP, running MySQL on the backend (eventually becoming the "Carrier Pigeon" package).

  • Media CoordinatorInstitute for Social Ecology

    Jan, 2000 - Dec, 20023 years

    The Institute for Social Ecology is an independent institution of higher education based in Vermont dedicated to the study of social ecology. The ISE offers year-round interdisciplinary programs.

    • Development, design, and production of all of the ISE's Internet presence, as well as much of the print media

    • Editing two monthly electronic newsletters.

    • Overseeing and implementing the ISE's "Media Strategy" in conjunction with staff and the voting membership

  • CoordinatorQuébec Public Interest Research Group at Concordia University

    Jan, 1998 - Dec, 19992 years

    The Québec Public Interest Research Group at Concordia University is an umbrella organization of students, community activists, researchers and educators dedicated to research, education, and action. QPIRG's goal is to sensitize the community to social and environmental issues concerning Montréalers while promoting active citizenship.

    • Volunteer recruitment, training, and retention

    • Coordination of the resource centre

    • Media & P.R. (production of promotional material—print and web, maintaining public relations, and media training)

    • Organized an activist education series (24 events over 2 years) which sought to promote "active citizenship" by offering seasoned activists and concerned citizens skills in community organising and knowledge about current issues our community faced

    • Financial coordination (overseeing accountant's work, acting as the primary financial resource person for the organisation, and overseeing the collective budgeting process)

    • Fundraising

    • Overseeing the yearly strategic planning process

    • Providing support and training for the Board of Directors

Projects Experience

Projects Experience

  • jsonresume-gemini, Personal project

    Mar, 2022 - Mar, 20221 day

    jsonresume-gemini is a single purpose server implementation of the Gemini protocol: server up your JSON Resume over the Gemini protocol

    • Gemini protocol implementation

    • Dynamic server side generation of text/gemini

  • Elev8, Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre

    Jan, 2021 - Mar, 20212 months

    Elev8 was a digital program for students in grades 6-8. I developed and delivered curriculum focused on how to build and test your own digital business ideas.

    • Wireframing

    • HTML

    • CSS

    • Javascript

    • Databases

    • Design Thinking

    • Entrepreneurship

  • insta top, Personal project

    Mar, 2020 - Mar, 20201 day

    Little utility that displays an instagram profile's posts ordered by likes

  • National Ladies Learning Code Day: Intro to UX Design, Refresh Annapolis Valley

    Sep, 2019 - Sep, 20191 day

    Organizer and mentor for a co-sponsored event between Acadia University, Refresh Annapolis Valley, and Acadia Women in Technology Society (WITS). Worked with the WITS student group to develop their capacity to take the lead on teaching the workshop.

    • UX

    • Mentor

    • Organizer

    • Training of trainers

  • Opening Doors Between Tech & Education, Digital Nova Scotia

    May, 2019 - May, 20191 day

    Opening Doors program is designed to provide resources for educators from the Tech industry. In this talk I explored the data on how we are failing girls despite curricular reforms in Computer Science education, and possible remedies.

    • Women in STEM

    • Computer Science Education

  • Innovating on The Internet, Refresh Annapolis Valley

    May, 2019 - May, 20191 day

    Workshop that explored pre-product prototype design tools to express app ideas.

    • Entrepreneurship

    • Prototyping

    • Wireframes

  • From Digital to Physical: 3D Design and Printing, Refresh Annapolis Valley

    Dec, 2018 - Dec, 20181 day

    Introductory workshop on 3D design and printing

    • 3D printing technology

    • 3D printing and entrepreneurial innovation

    • Designing for 3D printing

    • From design to print

  • National Ladies Learning Code Day: Intro to Browser Extensions with JavaScript, Refresh Annapolis Valley

    Sep, 2018 - Sep, 20181 day

    Organizer and mentor for a co-sponsored event between Acadia University, Refresh Annapolis Valley, and Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) at Acadia. Worked with the then WISE student group to develop their capacity to take the lead on teaching the workshop.

    • Javascript

    • Mentor

    • Organizer

    • Training of trainers

  • Intro to WebVR, Horton High School

    Dec, 2017 - Dec, 20171 day

    Three webVR workshops presented across the entire female grade 9 student body

    • A-Frame

  • Event organizer, f5://imagination

    Dec, 2017 - Dec, 20171 day

    f5://imagination was a pop up exhibit focused on digital creativity. This one day temporary exhibit featured work from digital artists, makers, scratchers, computer scientists, engineers and pretendgineers, hardware hackers, lego robotics warriors, indy game developers, new media innovators, VR and AR pioneers… digital builders of all shapes, sizes, and credentials.

  • Faces, f5://imagination

    Dec, 2017 - Dec, 20171 day

    Face explored the digital eye and its ability to interact and interpret your own head. This exhibit featured an array of laptops that syndicated your head. Each head node would use various ML approaches to derive and display "meaning" from your observed face. face was presented at f5://imagination, a pop up exhibit focused on digital creativity.

    • Machine learning

    • webRTC

  • National Ladies Learning Code Day: Intro to AI and Machine Learning, Refresh Annapolis Valley

    Sep, 2017 - Sep, 20171 day

    Organizer and mentor for a co-sponsored event between Acadia University, Refresh Annapolis Valley, and Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) at Acadia. Worked with the then WISE student group to develop their capacity to take the lead on teaching the workshop.

    • AI

    • Machine learning

    • Mentor

    • Organizer

    • Training of trainers

  • Teaching a Computer To See, Refresh Annapolis Valley

    Aug, 2017 - Aug, 20171 day

    Introductory workshop for teens on AI, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision

    • Machine Learning

    • Computer Vision

    • Microsoft Azure

  • Project Management Sucks, Refresh Annapolis Valley

    Apr, 2017 - Apr, 20171 day

    A workshop that explored Kanban as a lightweight tool for overseeing the project processes.

    • Kanban

    • Agile

    • Project management

  • Web Developer, Nathanson Seaman Watts - Law Firm

    Apr, 2014 - Jun, 20151 year 2 months

    NSW is a multi-practice law firm. I consulted with the firm on establishing their first website, coordinated content development, worked with a designer to establish a general design direction, implemented a custom WordPress theme, provided basic CMS training, and deployed.

    • WordPress

    • Theme development

    • Information Architecture

  • Hax0r Pwn3d? n00b Guide to Web App Security, Refresh Annapolis Valley

    Apr, 2014 - Apr, 20141 day

    In this talk I reviewed top 10 web application security risks, how they work, and how you can defend your web properties against them.

    • OWASP Top 10

    • Open Web Application Security Project

  • Open Web Platform: HTML5 and Semantic Markup, Refresh Annapolis Valley

    Jan, 2013 - Jan, 20131 day

    Talk I gave about defining semantically meaningful HTML

    • HTML5

    • Semantic Web

  • Stomp PHP, FuseSource

    Jan, 2008 - Jan, 20091 year

    Various contributions to this open source client which implements the STOMP protocol

  • Web Designer, Azur Development

    Jan, 2005 - Mar, 20052 months

    Azur Development was a Congolease run development organisation committed to address issues of gender equality, ecology, HIV/AIDS, and information technologies. In conjunction with Block, Street & Building, I redesigned their website to better reflect the work they do.

  • Web Designer, The War & Peace Foundation

    Oct, 2003 - Mar, 20045 months

    The War & Peace Foundation was an international NGO committed to political and social change. Starting with a simple re-design of a previous web-site, I implemented a customised "Geeklog" content management system for the organisation. This installation included the development of a news syndication module, as well as hacking the main code to get it to bend in ways it didn't.

  • Web Designer & Developer, Institute for Anarchist Studies

    Jan, 2003 - Dec, 20042 years

    The IAS is a foundation that offers grants to authors. This web project serviced prospective applicants, grant recipients, supporters, and the Board of Directors.

    • Built a heavily modified version of the eZPublish 2.x CMS

    • Home rolled email newsletter application

    • Groupware tools such as: a calendaring system, discussion forums, articling system, a file manager, and newsletter builder

  • Web Designer and System Admin, Alliance for Freedom and Direct Democracy

    Jan, 2003 - Dec, 20031 year

    A now defunct confederation of organization working towards the advancement of directly democratic political practices. I constructed a rudimentary web-site for the organisation, as well as ran several mailing lists.

  • Web Designer, Benny Farm Affordable Home Ownership Initiative

    Feb, 2002 - Apr, 20022 months

    Les Habitations Communautaires NDG (HCNDG) and Les Habitations Sherbrooke Forest (HSF) are two affiliated non-profit community-housing organisations who have played an important role in providing affordable housing to the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighbourhood in the west end of Montreal. I designed their website that was a crucial tool in their bid to create affordable homes at Benny Farm.

  • System Administrator, flag.blackened.net

    Jan, 2000 - Dec, 20023 years

    flag.blackened.net was an all volunteer run Internet Service Provider that offered free services for non-profit organizations from around the world. My contribution to this project included a complete redesign of the project webpage, along with implementation and support of various other Internet technologies (mailing lists, content management systems, etc.) that met the needs of flag users. My responsibilities included monitoring systems status (flag ran on freeBSD), maintaining services (Apache, MySQL, and Mailman primarily), and supporting users.

  • Web Designer, Developer, and System Administrator, Institute for Social Ecology

    Jan, 2000 - Dec, 20034 years

    The ISE provides college level courses in the field of Social Ecology. This project focused on public facing web and email, as well as a faculty extranet.

    • Built dynamic web components including a calendar, discussion forums, and a monthly newsletter all built by myself in PHP with MySQL.

    • Email list management with MHonArc, Mailman, mnoGoSearch, Postfix

    • freeBSD

  • Framework, Mom & Pop Media

    Jan, 2000 - Jan, 20077 years

    Framework was a lightweight PHP web application development toolkit for creating large-scale PHP application. It aimed to solve common web-application development needs out of the box, while providing a 3-tiered architecture and modular environment for developing new applications.

    • database abstraction

    • presentation abstraction and templating

    • application configuration

    • user authentication

    • user permissions & preferences

    • session management

    • localisation and internationalisation

    • error handling and application debugging

    • web services

  • Carrier Pigeon, Mom & Pop Media

    Jan, 2000 - Jan, 20044 years

    Carrier Pigeon was an open source email newsletter solution that integrates with any web-site. The application provided tools necessary to run an email newsletter program. It supported HTML and plain text emails, generating plain text from the HTML version on demand. In addition, it offered subscription management, an interface for building newsletters, archive of past issues, and much more. Built in PHP 4 and running MySQL for storing data, this was my first serious web program. It was used by several of my freelance clients.

  • Web Developer, PHPWeblog

    Jan, 2000 - Apr, 20003 months

    PHPWeblog was a GPL licensed PHP 4/MySQL based news portal that grew to be pretty popular way back when. I deployed a version of PHPWeblog for a high traffic site called InfoShop. My customizations for this project resulted in several contributions to speed up the server side code. This included re-designing the database and implementing a file system based cache of generated content.

  • Web Developer, Designer & Managing Editor, Harbinger, a Journal of Social Ecology

    Jan, 2000 - Dec, 20034 years

    An in house publication of the Institute for Social Ecology. The website target audience includes academics, community groups, faculty, alumni, and the ISE student body. The web site was composed of dynamic and static content. Dynamic components include a PHP/MySQL driven guest book. Along with filling the position of Managing Editor, I was responsible for the conceptualisation, development, and maintenance of the entire project—server to front end design.

    • Wrote a custom guest book in PHP / MySQL (remember those?)

  • Website, Community Arts Project

    Jan, 2000 - May, 20005 months

    Part of a 5 month long work placement with CAP had me developing their web site. The project included collaboratively developing the web site's objectives with the organisation and implementing a design solution.

  • Website, Adult Learning South Africa

    Jan, 2000 - Jul, 20007 months

    Adult Learning South Africa was an on-line resource for adult educators and learners in South Africa. I served as the Information Architect while I lived in South Africa. For many months following this, I offered technical support during the design phase.

  • Website, Left Green Perspectives

    Jan, 1999 - Dec, 19991 year

    Left Green Perspectives was a sporadic publication of the Social Ecology Project spearheaded by American intellectuals Murray Bookchin and Janet Biehl. The goal of this project was to provide an on-line archive of past issues. This web site was one of my first.

  • Junior System Administrator, TAO Communications

    Jan, 1997 - Dec, 19993 years

    My introduction to my first Linux shell was through a free account with TAO Communications where I eventually gained enough experience to earn root and minor system administration responsibilities.



  • Frontend Web Development








    ECMAScript 2021

  • Back End Web Development


    Zend Certified Engineer

    Zend Framework



  • Web Applications Systems Architect and Administrator

    Ubuntu Server





    Firebase Cloud Firestore

    Apache HTTP Server


    Apache ActiveMQ

    Zabbix Monitoring

    OSSEC - Server Intrusion Detection

    Wazuh - Open Source Security Platform

    Ansible - Configuration Management


    Multitiered Architecture

    Event Driven


    Shared Nothing

  • Software Engineering

    Requirements gathering

    Software architecture

    Data design - ER modeling

    Interface design

    Design patterns

    Unit Testing

    Integration Testing

  • Software Development Lifecycle







    Code Reviews


    Project Management

  • Software Design

    Design Thinking

    User Research - Personas




    A/B Testing

    End User Functional Testing

  • Entrepreneurship

    Lean Canvas

    Minimal viable product

    Continuous deployment

  • Graphic Design

    Adobe Pagemaker

    Adobe InDesign



  • Digital Marketing

    Content development

    Press releases


    Social media




  • Graphic Design, Degree, Dawson College

    Sep, 1992 - Dec, 1994





  • Agriculture Innovation Accelerator Award , Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce

    Awarded on: Oct 03, 2013

    The award recognizes outstanding agriculture and agri-food related innovators including producers, processors, suppliers and organizations. The award was presented to HarvestHand.

  • First Place , Halifax Startup Weekend

    Awarded on: Nov 30, 2013

    An event that brings entrepreneurial-minded people from different backgrounds and professions together to develop innovative start-ups in 54 hours.

  • Third Place , Hacking Health Halifax

    Awarded on: Mar 24, 2017

    A weekend-long hackathon that breaks down barriers to healthcare innovation by bringing together IT and healthcare professionals to collaborate, dream up & design apps, devices and solutions for patient-centric care.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • Labs - Facilitator, Refresh Annapolis Valley

    Jan, 2019 - Jun, 2019

    Labs was a playground where adventurous youth builders came to construct their dream technology projects. In the lab, youth work on growing and applying their skills all while pursuing the objectives of their projects.

    • Facilitator

    • Educator

  • Hoist Annapolis Valley - Organizer, Refresh Annapolis Valley

    Mar, 2017 - Dec, 2019

    Hoist Annapolis Valley was a tech club for teens interested in coding, design and entrepreneurship. I organized monthly meetups, participation in competitions, developed curriculum, organized camps, and mentored youth.

    • Organizer

    • Mentor

    • Educator

    • Facilitator

  • #Scratchfest - Organizer, Refresh Annapolis Valley

    Apr, 2017 - Apr, 2019

    #ScratchFest was a weekend Build-a-thon for kids and teens interested in creating amazing original work with digital technologies, such as the Scratch programming environment, Processing, Virtual Reality, and more.

    • Organizer

    • Facilitator

  • Creative Computing - Leader, Refresh Annapolis Valley

    Jan, 2017 - Jun, 2019

    Creative Computing was a course as well as a Summer camp that focused on exposing kids to the computer sciences. The course used the popular Scratch programming environment, as well as other platforms, to aid young people (aged 8 to 13) in learning the basics of software development.

    • Organizer

    • Mentor

  • Mashup Weekend Kentville Facilitator, Mashup Labs

    Nov, 2014 - Nov, 2014

    Business building ideation competition

    • Event Facilitator

  • Refresh Food - Organizer, Refresh Annapolis Valley

    Jan, 2014 - Jan, 2014

    An incubation lab for startup ventures in the New Media space that focused on one of our greatest assets here in the Annapolis Valley: Food!

    Format: 48 hours hackathon/startup weekend that pairs food-idea people with New Media builders.

    Target: Rethinking the age old problems of: production, distribution, and consumption.

    • Organizer

    • Event Facilitator

  • Founder and Organizational Crew, Refresh Annapolis Valley

    Dec, 2012 - Dec, 2020

    A community of designers, developers, and innovators working to refresh the creative, technical, and professional culture of digital technology endeavours in the Annapolis Valley while promoting design, technology, and entrepreneurship.

    • Tech Meetups

    • Organizer

  • Social Ecology Speakers Bureau - Founder and Organizer, Institute for Social Econology

    Jun, 2000 - Jan, 2003

    The Social Ecology Speakers Bureau brought together some of the most influential activists and educators working with social ecological. The SESB speakers were available for lectures and workshops, and covered a wide range of issues, including globalisation, politics and activism, biotechnology, feminism, community development, ecological design, and more.

    • Print and web promotions

    • Organised several speaker tours

    • Booked numerous individual events

  • Intern, The Community Arts Project

    Jan, 2000 - May, 2000

    The Community Arts Project was a South African organisation dedicated to providing people-centred education and training in the visual and performing arts. CAP worked with youth and unemployed adults and was committed to promoting the arts for community development. Historically, CAP was integral to the anti-apartheid movement.

    • developed print and web media to promote the organisation in general

    • designed all promotional material for a CAP production for the 2000 Grahamstown Standard Bank National Arts Festival

    • devised a strategic planning process and facilitated many sessions with the staffing body in implementing it

    • conducted computer literacy training with staff

  • Organizer, 8th Continental Conference on Social Ecology

    Jan, 1998 - Apr, 1998

    The 8th Continental Conference on Social Ecology was a three-day conference focused on the theme of Social Ecology and Education. It featured a wide array of presentations, workshops and panel discussions examining the role of education and educators in addressing key contemporary social and political issues. The event attracted well over 200 participants from across Canada and the USA.

    • logistics

    • organizing speakers, panel discussions, and workshops

    • fundraising

  • "Social Change and Grassroots Organising." - Course Facilitator, New School - Dawson College

    Sep, 1997 - Dec, 1997

    The New School at Dawson College is a CEGEP level alternative school based on the principles of humanistic education. I co-facilitated a course on "Social Change and Grassroots Organising." The course explored different theories of oppression, visions for a new society, and political activism.

    • Facilitation of the group process, with emphasis on student centred curriculum development and implementation

    • Skill and resource identification and fulfilment

    • Peer guidance

    • Preparation and delivery of class lectures / guided discussions

    • The class drew a lot of interest from the student body, resulting in the largest enrolment of any class offered. The class received good reviews from the students

  • President, Association d'espace de l'espace libre et imaginaire

    Mar, 1997 - Jul, 2000

    The Association d'espace de l'espace libre et imaginaire was a not-for-profit corporation devoted to the upkeep of the historic 2033 St. Laurent. This Montréal building was home to the Librairie Alternative Bookshop, a bookstore devoted to issues of labour, ecology, feminism, sexual identity, and social justice.

    • overseeing building maintenance

    • overseeing the budget

    • coordination of communications between tenants and the Board of Directors

    • ensuring that the association maintains its charter

  • Collective Member, Librairie Alternative Bookshop

    Feb, 1997 - Jan, 2000

    The Librairie Alternative Bookshop is a collectively owned and operated non-profit bookstore. Dating back to 1974, the bookshop grew out of the antinuclear and peace movements of the time.

    • participation in the collective process (group facilitation and consensus decision-making)

    • stock maintenance

    • accounting (bookkeeping, banking, upkeep of accounts, and budgeting)

    • cashier

    • training of new volunteers

  • Working Group Leader, Québec Public Interest Research Group at Concordia University

    Jan, 1996 - Dec, 1997

    The Québec Public Interest Research Group at Concordia University is an umbrella organization of students, community activists, researchers and educators dedicated to research, education, and action. QPIRG's goal is to sensitize the community to social and environmental issues concerning Montréalers while promoting active citizenship.

    • led anti-poverty working group

    • led political philosophy study group

  • Founder, Food Not Bombs - Montréal Chapter

    Apr, 1995 - Sep, 1996

    Food Not Bombs is a community based organisation dedicated to the combating of poverty through direct action food services. I co-funded the Montréal chapter.

    • volunteer recruitment and coordination

    • group facilitation

    • co-ordination of food pickup and delivery

    • establishment of links with local organic farms

    • preparation of a weekly vegan meal

    • development and presentation of educational workshops on non-violence and food politics

    • networking and coalition building

    • media relations





  • Sports

  • Computer Science Education

    ScratchMicrosoft MakeCodeProcessingA-FrameMakey MakeyBBC micro:bitCircuit Playground
  • Residential Construction

    Architectural designDrywallFramingPlumbingElectrical wiringHome renovations